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free IDX MLS Home search

The Free IDX MLS Home Search allows you to search the database that real estate agents search.  I will walk you through this below.  If you are interested in just getting started, click this sentence and you will be taken to the “Advanced Search” portal.

Main Portal page

     #1.  Refine Your Search

            Advanced Search –  The most popular way to search.  You can use this to search for anything

            Condo Search – The same as “Advanced Search”, but condo / townhome specific.  See #2 for more specific search advice.

            MLS Number Search – Enter the MLS number or numbers to pull up the property(ies) information.

            Foreclosure Search – This will target homes in foreclosure, or owned by banks.

            Sold Search – Simlar to “Advanced Search”, but only returns sold properties.

            Address Search – Enter the address of the property and keep an eye on the drop down menu.  Choose the property on the menu.

     #2.  Location

            City – Choose the city where you are looking.  The Denver Matrix MLS services the metro Denver Area and Colorado Springs.  While                          you may find a property or two available in, say Aspen, it will not be reflective of what is actually available in Aspen.

            Zip Code – Choose this selection if you are looking in a particular zip code.  You can select multiple zip codes by using CTRL.

            Neighborhoods – You can use this to be neighborhood specific, but if the neighborhood was misspelled, then you won’t see it.  I                                                  recommend keeping your search broad and then using the mapping tool “Map Search” on this page or “Interactive                                            Map Search” on the results page to delineate your neighborhood.

     #3.  Property Details – Click on which type of properties you would like to be included in the search.

     #4.  Parameters – Choose your parameters.  The more parameters that you choose, the less results.

     #5.  Search – Click this button when your are ready to view your property search results.

     #6.  Map Search – Your property results are shown on a map.  You can use the polygon tool to delineate what you want to see.  


     #1.  Properties – This is the number of properties that were returned in your search.

     #2.  Save This Search – Click here to name your search so you can easily access it again from your personal portal.

     #3.  Property Address – Click on the address or the picture to access more information regarding the property.

     #4.  Sort – Click to sort – high to low, low to high, newest to oldest, or oldest to newest.  

     #5.  Price – Obvious, but a red triangle down means a price reduction, and a green triangle up means a price increase.

     #6.  Request Information – Email me with your request.  What is the zoning?  How long on the market?  Etc…

     #7.  Add to Favorites – This adds the property to your portal so you can track it.  Also, it is easy to view again.

"Interactive map Search"

     #1.  Save This Search – Click here to name your search so you can easily access it again from your personal portal.

     #2.  Polygon Mapping Tool – Click on this tool and use it to delineate  an area / neighborhood of your choosing.

     #3.  Hover – Hover your cursor over a property to see where it is on the map.

     #4.  Property – Click anywhere on the property box to view the listing.


     #1.  Saved Searches – Click here to easily access all of your saved searches.

     #2.  Favorites – Click here to access any properties that you have favorited.

     #3.  Email Updates – Want to share your email updates with a family member / friend?  Add their email address here.

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